Active learning for Electrodermal Activity classification


To filter noise or detect features within physiological signals, it is often effective to encode expert knowledge into a model such as a machine learning classifier. However, training such a model can require much effort on the part of the researcher; this often takes the form of manually labeling portions of signal needed to represent the concept being trained. Active learning is a technique for reducing human effort by developing a classifier that can intelligently select the most relevant data samples and ask for labels for only those samples, in an iterative process. In this paper we demonstrate that active learning can reduce the labeling effort required of researchers by as much as 84% for our application, while offering equivalent or even slightly improved machine learning performance.

In IEEE Conference on Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology (SPMB)
Natasha Jaques
Natasha Jaques

My research is focused on Social Reinforcement Learning–developing algorithms that use insights from social learning to improve AI agents’ learning, generalization, coordination, and human-AI interaction.